Vega Nail File Large Manicure Tool NF-08BL

Brand: Vega

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Vega Hand Care Manicure Nail File Large NF8-BL?

Vega nail file having two-sided nickel plated surface for smooth, gentle filing of nails. Vega nail file is exclusively designed for the perfect filing of your nails in and outward, and their shape is not torn. File is curved to fit the natural shape of your nails.?


Like we care for the other parts of our body hands are also an essential part to be looked after. Caring for your hands is an essential part of the beauty essentials.

A proper manicure will keep your hands and nails looking lovely and trendy. In order to keep your manicure looking great for a longer time, you need to take extra care for your hands.

Tools required for Manicure
Nail scissors, Emery board (nail file), Buffer and buffing paste, Cotton wool and buds, Tissues, Enamel remover, Small dish with diluted disinfectant (Dettol) , Orange stick, Cuticle knife, Cuticle nippers, Cuticle cream, Cuticle remover, Small bowl for soaking your hands, Moisturizer, Base coat, Colored Enamels, Topcoat.
Manicure Procedure
First make sure that your hands and nails are clean. Remove any old enamel that you may have on your nails with the cotton wool and enamel remover.
Decide on what shape you would like on your nails, cut them if needed, and then use your emery board to file them. File your nails into the most crack-resistant shape: a square with rounded cone.

Take a cotton bud and remove a very small amount of buffing paste from the pot and smear on the top of your nail. With the buffer, buff your nails. To get a natural shine, use a buffer that offers three or four polishing textures. Start with the coarsest surface and end with the finest one.
With another cotton bud, remove a small amount of cuticle cream and apply to the cuticle of each nail. Massage this in circular movements.
Soak your hands in warm soapy water containing an anti-bacterial liquid soap.

Dry your hands carefully pushing back the cuticles with the towel.

Put a tipped stick into your cuticle remover and wipe over each cuticle and push back each cuticle in circular movement.

Wet your cuticle V tip to carefully lift the cuticle from the nail plate.
Use Cuticle nippers to remove excess cuticle.

Re-soak your hands then pat dry. It is important to remove cuticle remover from your hands after application. Dry and apply a good moisturizer all over the hand and arm up to the elbow, as this is a place everyone tends to forget.

Make your Manicure Last
A proper manicure will keep your hands and nails looking lovely and trendy. In order to keep your manicure looking great for a longer time, you need to take extra care.????

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