Uttam Premium Sugar Bura

Brand: Uttam

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Uttam Premium Sugar Bura is an innovation driven, special-application sugar manufacturer, having widest range of products in India. We produce many health-friendly sugars like Icing sugar, Cube sugar, Bura sugar, Golden syrup, Gur (Jaggery) etc.
No harmful chemicals/ colors like phosphoric acid, formic acid, sulphur dioxide, preservatives, flocculants, surfactants, bleaching agents or viscosity modifiers are used during processing of our speciality sugars. Processing is minimized to retain the natural micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals of sugarcane in the final product.
To fulfill multiple application criteria and customer needs, most of the products are tailor-made by adjusting the grain size/ intensity of cane flavour etc in customized packing. Special application sugars vary from fine grain to large coffee crystal size, snow white to dark brown colour, mild to rich cane flavour, transparent liquid to deep gold and brown syrups etc.
Packing assortment ranges from 5gm eco-friendly sticks/portion packs for hotels & restaurants worldwide to bulk institutional packs.

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