Sundrop Honey Roasted Crunchy Peanut Butter

Brand: Sundrop

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Sundrop offers specificity of that peanut butter is the touch of honey which gives the creamy texture to the product. This peanut butter is rich in dietary fiber that helps maintain a healthy digestive system and also contains unsaturated fatty acids that keep your heart healthy.

Get a rich eating experience with this Peanut Butter Creamy from the house of Sundrop. High on nutritious value, it is good for health. This Sundrop Peanut Butter has high protein content which is good for vegetarian lovers and helps you to work for a long time. The goodness of peanut is really good for people who are in diet. Peanut butter also has fibre content which helps our digestive system and helps in regular bowel movement. Helping in lowering bad cholesterol, it keeps you fit. As a protein rich food when your eat peanut butter you feel fuller for longer. Rich in protein, it will be beneficial to your health even when you consume it daily.

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