Sundrop Healthy World Sunflower Oil

Brand: Sundrop

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Sundrop healthy world sunflower Oil that is the worlds healthiest edible oil containing nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and trans free fat. These oils are extracted from germ and inner husk of rice.100% Rice Bran Oil is a versatile cooking oil, suitable for extreme cooking methods like deep frying because of its high smoking point. It is rich in Oryzanol, which is a special nutrient known to reduce bad cholesterol levels. It is made out of 100% Sunflower oil it has been clinically proven to reduce cholesterol in one month because it contains Oryzanol.
Sundrop Healthy World Sunflower is synonymous with maintaining Heart Health. Its balance of fatty acids with an adequate amount of linoleic acid, which is an omega-6 fatty acid, makes it considered good for the heart. The potent properties of Sunflower oil are essential to promote proper body functions .

Sundrop is one of the largest brands in the premium segment of refined oil consumer packs. What started in 1989 as sunflower oil, in a predominantly groundnut and mustard oil market, Sundrop today offers a wide range of healthy oils to its consumers. The Sundrop brand stands on four pillars of "Health", "Taste", "Lightness" & "Vitality", which have been built over the years through its strong and differentiated positioning - "The healthy oil for healthy people", which has a high recall value & consistent quality. Sundrop offers a host of products that bring out the real taste of good food while making it light & easy to digest. Sundrop offers 100% purity and offers the goodness of vitamins and other essential nutrients, which makes it the ideal choice for people looking for a healthy lifestyle.

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