Sugar Free Gold Powder

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For Diabetes patients and weight watchers, Sugar Free Gold Powder is one of the most low-cost products in the market. This powder is available in a saturated form offering a healthier substitute to sugar. This is a nutritious and low calorie sugar substitute. It gives the equivalent sweetness and taste of sugar but with almost zero calories. It helps to reduce unwanted calorie intake, maintains your blood sugar, and keeps you fit. It is composed of Aspartame, Maltodextrin, and Dextrose that are derived from sugar. This is in a powder form and easily mixes in different dishes. As aspartame is not heat stable, so it is recommended to mix this powder after cooking.

Sugar Free Gold Powder is a protein derivative and has no side effects to your health. With it, you can now enjoy the sweetness and also keep a check on your calorie intake. This is a perfect option for all health conscious people, weight watchers and those with health risks like diabetes, obesity, or cholesterol problems.

Sugar Free Gold Powder Use & Benefit :
.Contains negligible calories
.Made from Aspartame, a protein derivative
.Excellent substitute to manage weight and blood levels
.Can be consumed by pregnant women
.Enjoy small quantities and a great sweet taste similar to regular sugar
.Ideal for weight, diabetes, and health conscious people
.Used to prepare diverse beverages and sweet dishes
.Safe to use with no side effects

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