Sri Sri Ojasvita Ragi Refill

Brand: Sri Sri Ayurveda


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It can be your drink at the gym, be your morning breakfast or even your evening filler. Great for all ages, especially the very health conscious, Ojasvita Ragi is a delightful option. With No Added Sugar, you can now enjoy the benefits of 7 Powerful herbs that are good for brain and nervous system along with the nutrition of finger millet (ragi), foxtail millet (setaria italic), jowar (sorghum bicolor), pearl millet (bajra) and flaxseeds too!
Power Of 7 HERBS
Ashwagandha: Builds Immunity.
Brahmi: Develops Mind
Bringaraj: Rejuvenates System
Jyotismathi: Develops Memory
Kali Musali: Gives Strength
Satavari: Nourishes Body
Shankapushpi: Increases Energy.

Per 100g: Energy 362 Kcal, Protein 3.24 g, Dietary Fibre 11.40 g, Fat 0.57 g, Carbohydrates 86.35 g, Sugar as Sucrose <0.01g, Vitamin A <0.05 IU, Vitamin C <0.05 mg, Vitamin D <0.01 mcg, Vitamin E <0.05 mg, Vitamin K <0.05 mg, Vitamin B1 <0.01mg, Vitamin B2 13.4 mg, Vitamin B3 <0.01 mg, Vitamin B5 <0.01 mg, Vitamin B6 <0.01 mg, Vitamin B9 <0.01 mcg, Vitamin B12 <0.01 mcg, Potassium 312 mg, Calcium 157 mg, Sodium 39.02 mg, Iron 9.23 mg, Zinc 6.49 mg, Copper 0.27 mg, Magnesium <0.1 mg, Phosphorous <0.1 mg, Iodine <0.1 mcg.

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