Sri Sri Khusamanda Rasayana

Brand: Sri Sri Ayurveda

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Kushmandaka Rasayana is a preparation of Ashwini Kumars. It actsas an appetiser and carminative. It is used in respiratory disorders like Cough & Asthma. It is used in treating Emaciation, Pthisis & Deficiency of semen.
Cough, Dysponea/Asthma, Chest wound/Injured chest/
Disease of Lungs, Pthisis, Chronic fever, Bleeding disorder, Emesis,
Thirst, Fever, Deficiency of Semen, Weakness, Emaciation, Hoarsness
of voice, Discolouration.
6-12 grams or as prescribed by the physician.
Anupana: Water, Milk
Each gram contains:
SN Sanskrit Name Qty
1. Khanda (Sharkara) 600.00 mg
2. Kushmanda 207.00 mg
3. Ghrita 96.00 mg
4. Kshaudra (Madhu) 48.00 mg
5. Pippali 10.00 mg
6. Sringavera (Shunti) 10.00 mg
7. Jiraka 10.00 mg
8. Twak 3.00 mg
9. Ela 3.00 mg
10. Patra 3.00 mg
11. Maricha 3.00 mg
12. Dhanyaka 3.00 mg
13. Bronopol 0.5 mg

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