Sigma Gold Power Strip 6 amps 240 Valts

Brand: Sigma

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Sigma Gold Power Strip protects your everyday used household electronic equipments including computer, peripherals etc from irregular voltage fluctuations. It features a 700 Joules energy rating to deliver superior surge protection from maximum spike current of 6 Amps & 16 Amp.You can ground AC power with 5 & 6 -line protection through all 3 sockets (2 Sockets ^ 6 Amp & 1 Sockets ^ 16 Amp) & 1 Switch. For user flexibility it delivers power through a 2.5-metre, heavy-duty cable. Since it has 3-Socket (2 Sockets ^ 6 Amp & 1 Sockets ^ 16 Amp) you can take advantage of this by connecting different appliances and protecting them simultaneously. The compact form factor easily fit any where in the table corner and the limited lifetime warranty gives you complete peace of mind.What is a Power Strip :A Power Strip is a momentary boost in voltage above normal range.Five Common Causes of Power Surges:• Faulty wiring and severe power -grid fluctuations• Effects of harsh weather (lighting strikes)• Switching on/off of large home appliances(i.e. refrigerators)How Does Sigma Gold Power Strip Protector Helps:Without Protection:Electronics must directly absorb the impact of small , everyday power surges .Overtime, this will erode sensitive components and shorten the life of your electronics.With Sigma Gold Power Strip Protection:Sigma Gold Power Strip Protectors normalize the voltage that enters your electronics by diverting excess voltage through an earthing wire.How does it Work:• Power Strip enter surge proctectors through a connected socket.• Movs (metal oxide varistors)divert excess power(voltage)away from your electronics• Earthing wire accepts excess voltage and directs it to the ground .• Normal range power (voltage)passes through the protcted socket to power your electronic equipment

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