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Jalapeno is small in size, yet packed with a nutritional punch. It is one of the most loved peppers in the world and is used in several foods. Olicoop Jalapenos are pickled in vinegar to preserve the distinct flavor and freshness of the pepper.


Contains capsaicin
Rich source of Vitamin B complex
Contains vitamin C
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties
Source of essential dietary fiber
Contains lot of potassium
Contains considerable amount of iron, magnesium, phosphorous etc

Health Benefits of Jalapeno:

Capsaicin in jalapeno can burn away excess calories and fats, boost metabolism and help in weight loss.
Capsaicin blocks the pain transmitters in your brain and soothes a headache.
Heat in the pepper can help fight sinus infection.
Antioxidants combat free radicals.
Maintain healthy digestive system and can prevent ulcer formation.
Flavonoids and Vitamins can help control blood pressure and maintain healthy heart.
Can reduce arthritic pain.
May prevent mutation of healthy cells into cancerous cells.
Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and folates can improve your nervous system.
Beneficial for pregnant women and babies.


Jalapeno, Vinegar.

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