Nestle Lactogen 1 Infant Formula Powder (Tin)

Brand: Nestle


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For Upto 6 Months
Contains 12 Minerals and 14 Vitamins

Nestle Lactogen 1 is a spray dried follow up formula designed for infants as liquid part of the diet during and after weaning. Nestle Lactogen 1 contains maltodextrin which is easy to digest and nutrients that support growth & brain development.

Features of Lactogen 1 Infant Formula Powder :

Spray dried formula
Contains whey protein which is easier to digest and nutrients that support growth and brain development
Essential fatty acids LA, ALA and Choline contribute to the structural building blocks of the brain
Iron and iodine help in Brian Development and Vitamin A contributes to Healthy Vision
Contains 12 minerals and 14 vitamins
Age group: 0 to 6 months
Facts From Nestle's Nutrition Research
Lactogen 1 is a spray dried infant formula for healthy infants from birth when they are not breastfed Lactogen 1 has been formulated to provide baby with nutrients considered essential for optimal growth and development.

Lactogen 1 has 33% more whey protein than before. Whey are the easily digestible proteins found the easily digestible proteins found in breast milk. The additional whey in improved Lactogen 1 results in better protein quality and helps easy digestion.

For Growth:
Milk Protein g 12.0-16.4
Calcium mg 440-600
Phosphorus mg 240-330
Camitine mg 6-8.2
Taurine mg 34-47
Chloride mg 270-370
Magnesium mg 50-68
Iron mg 5.9-8.1
Copper mg 0.3-0.41
Zinc mg 3-4.1
Selenium µg 14.5-20
Sodium mg 190-260
Potassium - mg 500 680
Vitamin A - µgRE 390-530
Vitamin B - µg 50.25-7.2
Vitamin C - mg 50-68
Vitamin D - µg 5.25-7.2
Vitamin K µg 45-62
Folic acid - µg 98-130

For Mental development:
Iodine µg 74-100
Manganese µg 55-80
Choline mg 49-67
Linoleic acid g 1.76-2.4
Linolenic acid mg 250-340

For energy needs:
Energy kcal 489-670
Carbohydrate g 58.4-80.0
Sugar g 0.0-0.0
Total Fat g 23.0-31.5
Milk Fat g 12.6-17.3
Edible vegitable fat g 0.45-0.6
Lecithin g 0.45-0.6
Thiamine mg 0.34-0.47
Riboflavin mg 0.74-1
Pantothenic acid mg 2.1-2.9
Biotin µg 12.5-17
Vitamin B mg 0.38-0.52
Niacin mg 3.2-4.4

Total Ash g 3.6-4.9
Moisture g 3.0-904.1

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