Mamy Poko Pants For New Baby Extra Small 3-5 Kg

Brand: Mamy Poko

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Keeping your baby comfortable and happy is easy with Mamy Poko Pants. While ordinary diapers have tape that may harm your baby’s sensitive skin, Mamy Poko Pants is a Pant style diaper with soft elastic and no tapes. It is as gentle on a baby’s skin as a mothers touch and is easy to wear too just like a panty. So, start early start right with Mamy Poko Pants! Prepare for your newborn while shopping for maternity wear.

Key Features
Soft Elastic No tapes
Soft leg gathers
Maxi absorbent core that soaks the wetness
Ideal for babies with weight of 3 to 5 Kg
Long Product Description
Soft Elastic No Tapes - These pant style diapers can be worn easily by just pulling up And its soft elastic is gentle on your babys sensitive skin
Soft Leg Gathers - Its soft leg gathers firs comfortably on your babyAnd prevents leakage that can cause rashes on your baby
Maxi Absorbent Core - Soaks the wetness and keep your baby dry Unicharm was founded in 1961 in Japan and started with Baby diapers range since 1981. To provide the best products possible, Unicharm use state-of-the-art production technology, the highest quality raw materials and fully automated machines. Unicharm sells in 14 countries across Asia and serves 2.5 billion consumers. With MamyPoko diapers and Sofy sanitary napkins as their core products, they have emerged as the market leader in many of these countries.

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