Keya (Sri Lankan) White Pepper /Safed Mirch Grinder

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White Pepper also known as the ’King of Spice’ and botanically known as Piper Nigrum. Pepper is traded worldwide and is normally consumed as a spice. Sri Lankan Pepper has a higher piperine content, which gives it a superior quality and pungency. Pepper is offered in different grades for grinding and extraction of essential oils and oleoresins. In Sri Lanka, pepper is grown in the wet and intermediate zones, mostly as a mixed crop. For the white pepper, the corns are picked when ripe, soaked in water, outer skin is removed by scrubbing in water and then dried. Pepper gets its spicy heat mostly from the piperine compound, which is found both in the outer fruit and in the seed. Sri Lankan pepper suppliers meet only 2% of the global demand for pepper and have a distinct pungent flavor and aroma used mainly in savory dishes, but also accentuates fresh produce. Great with all meats, sauces, vegetables, salads, fruits. Blends well with fresh herbs, cloves, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, nutmeg, lime, thyme. Sri Lankan white pepper is prized for its high piperine content which gives it a strong and rich flavor. We, Spice Paradise are proud to produce you four pepper versions. They are pure Ceylon black pepper, pure Ceylon black pepper powder, pure Ceylon white pepper and pure Ceylon white pepper powder. KEYA is an ISO 22000:2005 HACCP and FSSAI certified company with organic certification for relevant products.

Starting with a variety of premium herbs, spices, sprinklers and seasonings, today KEYA has over 100 products across categories including instant soups, pickles and the ready to eat range of fruit and nut snacks.

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