Godrej No.1 Rose Water & Almond Soap

Brand: Godrej


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With the goodness of Rosewater and Almonds, the Godrej No 1 Soap is an outstanding skin clarifying soap with 76% TFM. The TFM indicates the purity and goodness of the soap. The higher, the better! Furbished with the qualities of coconut oil and neem, the soap induces cleanliness and hydration into the skin. Neem is an age old skin clarifying agent that helps extricate the extra oil from the skin and clears the skin of pimple causing mediators. This soap produces better lathering for efficient cleaning and has a greater longevity giving the skin an amplified glow.

Rosewater cools the skin, while delaying the ageing process. It is also the best known natural skin toner. Almond oil is a natural skin hydrant that also whitens skin tone and gives it an even texture. It helps reinduce brightness and glow in the skin that has been dying over age. Combined with the goodness of nourishing oils, the skin not only becomes clean and hydrated but also free from bacterial repercussions. It is a grade 1 soap that provides an all round bathing care.

Godrej No.1 Rosewater and Almonds Soap Use & Benefit:
.A moisturising bathing soap
.Enriched with Neem and Coconut
.76% TFM for improved goodness
.Better lathering for improved cleaning
.Gives the skin an amplified glow by nourishing skin texture
.Fights the germs and prevents further build-up
.Provides an all-round bathing care
.Almond oil nourishes and maintains hydration balance
.Rosewater is a natural skin toner
.Restores glow that remains latent

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