Glucon-D Volt Energy Bite Tangy Orange

Brand: Glucon D


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Get a newness of flavored energy drink with Glucon-D Tangy Orange. This is a complete family package for instant energy that comes with your favourite Orange flavour. It gets easily dissolved and gets instantly absorbed by the body. The richness of Vitamin C helps to keep you healthy and strong.

This appetizing and enticing health drink is augmented with glucose, calcium, vitamin, energy, carbohydrates and protein to make you stay strong and energized. It rejuvenates you as it gets instantly absorbed and provides you energy immediately. It is an isotonic energy drink for quick replenishment of essential body salts during sports and high-intensity activities.

Glucon-D Tangy Orange Use & Benefit:

.Provides good energy to the body in just one sip
.Augmented with Vitamin C for flavor
.Trusted brand for instant energy
.Gets absorbed easily into the body
.Has richness of Vitamin C for an immediate energy
.Pure and high in quality
.Helps to stay healthy and energized
.Gets instantly absorbed to show its results
.Promises good health and fitness
.Retains its natural properties

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