Gillette Guard Cartridges

Brand: Gillette

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More than ten million men in the emerging nations worldwide are still on the quest of a revolutionized shaving system at affordable prices. Gillette guard Cartridges (set of 6) is a stunning breakthrough in a new system of shaving. It has been specifically designed for men to offer a safe and high-quality shave to the users. It’s reasonable price that makes it affordable to a wide range of consumers all over the world. It is very light, with a pivoting head that enables the individual to get the feel of using a high-quality shaving product. This allows easy steering across the facial curves. With the presence of lubrastrip, the consumer is provided with an anti-friction shaving experience to reduce cuts and nicks. It has very thin and sharp blades to provide you effortless glide through your skin and gives you a perfect shaving experience.

It is also designed with a micro-comb. This is a comfort guard and ensures that the blades cut the hair at an optimal angle. Micro-comb also adjusts automatically over the bulges on the face and helps in getting you incredible shave with lesser irritation. For more hygienic shave, the blade can be easily rinsed, that allow cut hair to be washed away easily.

Gillette Guard Cartridges Use & Benefit:
.Cleanest shave every morning
.Glides smoothly along the contours of your face
.Can even shave in the opposite direction of the grain without causing any irritation
.The blade gap lets you shave heavy & thick growth easily
.Every shave is effortless and highly effective
.Designed for a quick and easy rinse

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