Garnier Pure Active Neem Tea Tree Extracts

Brand: Garnier

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The Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash works three way to give you a healthy and pimple free skin. It follows three purifying actions on the skin:

Fights Bacteria: Washes off the problematic bacteria that cause pimples
Fights Pollution: Removes impurities that settle in the skin’s pores because of pollution
Removes Oil: Rinses off the excess oil discharge which attracts dust
It is a soap free formulation that is embellished with Neem Leaf extracts and Tea tree leaves which when combined together, gives your pimple prone skin, a miraculous treatment. Neem Leaves cleanse your skin thoroughly and does not change the natural cellular make-up of the skin. The top layer of your skin will have a smooth finish giving you a deep skin treatment. By cleansing the build-up of impurities in your skin’s pores, it works to remove acne effectively. It furthermore reduces dark spots and blemishes that enhance the beauty of your skin. The daily grime and dirt makes the skin looking lifeless. But this purifying face wash eliminates these from your skin to make it flawlessly radiant. It clears away all this dirt off your face.

Free from chemicals, the face wash is clinically proven mild and works efficiently on sensitive and pimple prone skin. It fights oil breakouts to enhance the facial glow. It eradicates all chances of skin allergies because of its powerful anti-bacterial ingredients. It fights against skin infectants to prevent adding to environmental damages to the skin.

Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash Use & Benefit:
.Free from Chemicals
.Contains natural ingredients like Neem and Tea Tree Leaves
.Works magic on pimple prone skin
.Enhances the skin’s beauty by eliminating acne
.Works as a complete skin treatment
.Has a three way action: Fight Bacteria, Pollution and Oil Discharge
.Cleanses dirt and grime
.Anti-bacterial action to fight skin infectants
.Removes the build-up of impurities

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