Garnier Color Naturals Men 3.16 Burgundy

Brand: Garnier

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Garnier Color Naturals Small Pack Shade Burgundy 3.16 is a long-lasting natural looking hair colour that gives 100% grey hair covearage.

Garnier Color Naturals Men 1 Burgundy goes a long way in addressing your concerns of premature graying of hair and helps you look smarter and younger than before. Imparting permanent hair color that looks shinier and more uniform in shade on all parts of your mane, this men’s hair color has the goodness of natural ingredients such as olive oil for a completely moisturized look. Burgundy 3.16 from Garnier is specially formulated to take care of graying hair and serves as a real treatment that addresses this tell-tale sign of aging. All in all, this effective hair color for men keeps your hair soft and smooth in texture, while giving it a radiant hue. If 100 percent grey hair coverage is what you desire, then you may start looking forward to long lasting and natural looking Burgundy hair with this product in hand. So, instead of waiting any longer for a complete hair care solution that leaves your hair glistening at a party, office, or outdoors, simply buy the Garnier Color Naturals Men 1 Burgundy and say “hello” to a better looking you!

This hair color appeals to those men who are looking for better ways of improving their appearance.
Imparts a rich Burgundy color for natural looking hair.
It is a permanent hair coloring cream that incorporates the many benefits of olive oil.
Nourishes your hair from deep within and leaves behind a color that glistens with good health.
Conditions the scalp along with coloring grey hair, thereby offering a complete treatment regime.
Makes hair soft to touch and removes the concerns of grey hair.
Easy to apply with a hair coloring brush on your own, it is available in the form of a sealed package that contains a developer and colorant.
Appropriate for full head application as well as touch-ups.

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