Complan Plain Refill

Brand: Complan

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Complan is a complete planned food offering planned and balanced nutrition for growing children. It helps bridge nutritional gaps in children's diet who are fussy eaters and helps maximize their growth potential. Being a nutrition expert its formulation is designed mainly as per Indian Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA). Complan has more than 52% milk solids and is a leading brand in Milk Products Category.

-Flavour: Natural
-Refill box
-Quantity: 500 g
-Complete balanced diet
-High quality food
-34 vital nutrients in balanced proportion
-With more milk content
-100% milk protein
-Ready-to-serve beverage mix
-Can be made in water or milk, as per preference

-Contain vital nutrition for child development
-High quality proteins with proportion
-Provides source of energy
-Helps mental alertness
-Develop strong and healthy bones and teeth
-Help to maintain water balance in the body
-Keeps your child mentally and physically sharp and active
-Build immunity
-Efficient conversion of food to energy
-Keeps the nervous system healthy

-Recommended usage 2-3 times a day (breakfast time, after school and bedtime)
-Take two heaped tablespoons (approx 33g in a cup)
-Add a little warm water or milk
-Stir till it turns smooth and creamy
-Fill up with warm water or milk
-Add sugar to taste

-On opening this pack, transfer contents immediately into a air- tight container
-Keep the container closed after use
-Store in a cool or dry place
-Away from strong odours

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