Complan Complete Kesar Badam

Brand: Complan

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Complan Kesar Badam is a complete planned milk drink. Complan Kesar Badam comes with the goodness of real kesar and badam along with 34 vital nutrients in balanced proportion including 100% Milk Protein to help children grow better.

Key Features:
100% Milk Protein Superior Quality Protein: Protein content in Complan is 100% Milk protein, which is a "Complete Protein" as it has all the essential Amino acids in the right amount to support maximum growth potential unlike wheat or malt protein.
33% RDA Complete planned Milk Drink: 2 servings of Complan at least 33% of daily recommended dietary allowance of key growth nutrients making Complan a complete planned drink
More Protein: Growing children have higher protein needs. Complan contains more protein, which helps your child to meet his daily recommended protein allowance
34 Vital Nutrients: Complan is scientifically designed to provide 34 vital nutrients such as calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin A that are essential for growth and development in children.
Ingredients: Milk Solids (46.9%), Sugar, Maltodextrin, Edible vegetable oil, minerals, Almonds (0.8 %), Curcumin, Vitamins, Saffron Contains peanut oil. Contains permitted natural color and added flavours.

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