Clean & Clear Morning Energy Energizing Lemon Face Wash

Brand: Clean & Clear


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Clean & Clear Morning Energy Lemon is a heavenly face wash that gives you a lovely looking skin. This face wash contains natural lemon extracts that alleviates to clean and exfoliate the skin pores. The special formula of this face wash does not clog the skin pores. Lemon contains citric acid that aids in the lightening of the skin as well as removes impurities. The glycerin presents in the face wash moistures the skin by deeply penetrating into the dermis.

This gentle face wash is rich with Vitamin C. Its unique formula is enriched with the delicate bursting beads that tenderly burst with a stimulating fragrance on your skin and let you encounter with influx of freshness each morning. This morning energy face wash helps to revitalize the dull-looking skin. It also produces rich foam that completely removes dirt and oil.

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Lemon Use & Benefit
.Has Vitamin C rich lemon extract
.Helps to kill the acne-causing bacteria
.Provides gentle care for all skin types
.Oil-free face wash
.Consists of bursting color beads
.Energizes your tired looking skin
.Leaves skin clear, clean and beautiful
.Thoroughly removes dirt and oil
.Do not clog skin pores
.Rejuvenates the skin through deep penetration

Ingredients: Lemon, Glycerin, Minerals and bursting beads

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