B Natural Pineapple Poise

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A pineapple plant dedicates entire two years of its life to produce a single fruit.Thus the pineapple was so uncommon and coveted a commodity, that King Charles II, even posed receiving a pineapple as a gift.
It's with this same care and dedication that B Natural brings to you Pineapple Poise*. So, strike a pose and enjoy this royal treat.
Pineapples are a source of vitamin C and contains the goodness of macro nutrients like Potassium and Sodium which help in maintaining the fluid balance of the body.
Fun facts:
You can grow a pineapple plant by twisting off the crow, allowing it to dry for 2-3 days, and then planting it.
One pineapple plant produces only one pineapple every 2 years.
The word 'pineapple' is derived from the Spanish word 'piña' which means pine cone.
The Pineapple is a conglomerate fruit consists of 100-200 fruitlets all fused together.
Pineapples should be free of soft spots, bruises and darkened “eyes” – all of which may indicate it is damaged or past its prime.
American Sea Captains placed the Pineapple outside their homes as a symbol of hospitality and homecoming after a voyage.
The difference in colours is mostly based on where the pineapples were grown so a green pineapple can be just as sweet and delicious as a golden brown one.

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