B Natural Litchi Luscious

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The litchi is a little surprise package of love and joy. It smells like a flower, has a tough appearance, but breaks open to reveal a tender and juicy fruit inside! From ancient times in China, the litchi has been a symbol of romance and sensuality.
The sweetness of the fruit instantly lifts your spirits in the hot summer months. Take a sip into sumptuousness by indulging in the delectable B Natural Litchi Luscious*.
Litchis are a source of vitamin C, which is an essential nutrient that helps in the bio- availability of iron in the body
Fun Facts:
Guangdong in China is called 'The Kingdom of Litchi' because this province has the highest production of the fruit. The litchi groves there have a production record of over 2000 years!
Litchis grow in bunches of 5 to 30 pieces in trees.
Apart from being eaten fresh, litchis can also be dried and eaten – it has a smoky flavor when dried.

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