Ambi Pur Sky Breeze Vent Clps Car Air Freshener

Brand: Ambi Pur

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96 percent married couples agree that even a traffic jam can turn romantic if the car smells fresh. Introducing the all new exclusive 'Mini Vent Clip'. A slick futuristic product design that discreetly blends with the dashboard. It is absolutely imperative that the vehicle you use always smells fresh. Make each drive a refreshing one with the musical notes of the wind kissing your face. Ambi Pur is world's no. 1 car air freshener as the biggest player in the category with a reach of over 80 countries. It continuously strives for innovation, variety and contemporary packaging design. Its unique patented technology eliminates odours and replaces it with a refreshing scent and appeals to both, men and women. Now you and your car breathe happy. Simply install and enjoy beautiful fragrances of a pleasant draft on a new day that lasts up to 30 days. Get lost into each other and let the fragrance drive you. How it works: Easy to control, virtually mess-free car vent clip continuously and consistently releases freshness across the product's life. It features an integrated intensity control to give you just the right amount of scent. Aesthetic functionality with specialized wick and device. Sky Breeze: The light fluffy fragrance that greets you with a smile of a new day. A fragrance for someone who has strong values and exudes energy. Directions: Ambi Pur is easy to install, keeping in mind intuitive placement. Just clip it on the AC vent and refresh the ambience of your car. Make sure you do not tilt the bottle. Store any inactive product at room temperature. Once activated, do not store the product in the glove compartment or other closed containers. Please also try our varied range of fresheners in Ambi Pur Car premium vent clips and mini vent clips and keep your car fragrant.

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