Adidas Team Force Deo Body Spray

Brand: Adidas

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Adidas Men - Team Force EDT gives you the strong fragrance that lingers.

The sweet aroma of tart citrus makes the product an outstanding one in its line. The fragrance has been specially created for daytime use when you need a powerful aroma to beat the body odour. The EDT opens with a magical citrus note and gradually makes you addictive with the aroma that arises due the blend of many natural fragrances like, musk, cedar, tobacco sandalwood and amber. The presence of mint in the cologne keeps you cool all the time and the sweating doesn’t bother you anymore. The Adidas perfumes for men symbolize activeness and you can feel the energy inside you for the whole day. The EDT from Adidas showcase sheer luxury but the price tells a different story. The lush tobacco smell has always been cherished by men and this product encourages the masculine spirits every moment. Once the adidas team force perfume is on, your stress and tiredness is completely gone.

Opens with light and sweet notes of aldehydes, mandarin orange, orange, pineapple and grapefruit
Contains citrus and jasmine as heart notes
To keep your spirits high, the perfume offers you amber, tobacco and woody aromas as the base notes
Highly powerful EDT with great longevity
Arrives in a handy bottle with no cap actuator
Has cooling effect to keep you refreshed 24x7
Deodorizing action suits all skin types
Great product for all ages
Trendy packaging that seems great on your shelf
The presence of multiple notes in the perfume pleases men with different fragrance choices

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