Adidas Dynamic Pulse Deo Body Spray

Brand: Adidas

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The Adidas Dynamic Pulse men's body deodorant is a deo-spray meant for adventure loving people. It will keep you fresh for long hours and will help to bring out the dynamic side in you. Adidas is a brand that is well known for their sports shoes, clothing and accesories. Used all over the world by sportspersons, Adidas also has a branded range of deodorants and perfumes for both men and women. This Dynamic deo belongs to this collection. If you're looking for a branded deodorant then do not wait anymore. Shop online for the Adidas Dynamic Pulse Men Body Deodorant today to get the product delivered to your doorstep.

Feel Fresh All The Time

The fragrance of the Adidas Dynamic Pulse is sure to make people aware of your presence when you enter a room. The strong yet soothing fragrance will make you smell good even when you sweat a lot on the hottest summer day. This deodorant from Adidas is powerful enough to keep you fresh all day long. Unlike other deodorants whose fragrance dies out after sometime, the Adidas Dynamic Pulse will last a long time and will keep you fresh all day. Since body odour is repulsive and is not at all pleasant for the people around you, this deodorant is a must-have for any man. It will keep you smelling good no matter what. The Adidas Dynamic Pulse will not only provide you with a pleasant fragrance but also keep you cool throughout the day. All Adidas deodorants ensure that even if you perspire a lot it will keep you from smelling bad. This deodorant is a strong one and will easily mask any post-workout body odour. Since this deodorant is made for athletes, you can be rest assured that what you will be getting is the best kind of deo there is. So what are you waiting for? Buy the Adidas Dynamic Pulse online and let the 24 hour freshness technology help you smell good.

Adidas Dynamic Pulse

The Adidas Dynamic Pulse has a good looking and sturdy container. The cap of the container will make sure that the deodorant is not wasted. The fresh aroma of citrus, cedar and mint add to the fragrance of the deodorant and make it more pleasant than most men's deodorants. The aroma of cedar and citrus of the Adidas men's deodorant helps to overpower your body odour for a long time. The slight smell of sweet fruits further enhances the fragrance of the deodorant. The deodorant also contains the aroma of fragrant woods and Tonka bean. The Adidas Dynamic Pulse was introduced in the year 1997 and has been an athlete's best friend ever since. This is the ultimate deodorant for use during the day and you will feel its power when you spray it during the summer time. With this deodorant, you can easily tread anywhere without the fear of body odour.

About the Brand

Adidas is a German company founded in 1924 that manufactures sports gear. Adidas is the holding company of the Adidas group that includes Reebok sportswear. Beside sportswear Adidas also manufactures bags, watches, shirts, eyewear and other clothing related goods. Today it is a name that is revered by sportspersons all over the world.

Features: Adidas Dynamic Pulse Men Body Deodorant, 150ml
Adidas Dynamic Pulse by Adidas
Design house: Adidas
Year introduced: 1997
Recommended use: Daytime#N/A

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