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Average Shopping Value spent by a household = Rs.6000* Per Month
Average Savings When you Shop from (20%*6000) = Rs.1200
Average Saving in Cab Charges,Fuel,Parking Cost ,Packing Charges,Maintenance Etc. = Rs.500 Per Month
Total Savings = (1200+500)*12

That's Even More Than Rs.21000-that's What we called Saving Pe Saving Imagine what You Can Purchase from 21000- New Mobile Phone,I pads or Even More Grocery in next year!!!!

Saving Doesn't Stop here

We Help you save your time- Average Parents Spend 18 hours in a month in grocery shopping – imagine spending saved precious time with your cute little child.

You save your energy by not lifting Heavy Bags,anymore

Cost Saving by avoiding Market ke Golgappe or junk food that you generally consume when you go to Market or Malls.

You can save by referring our website to your loved ones.

Saving from unnecessary shopping that you have to do when you go to market with your little ones.

And Numerous other small savings that you can not even imagine !!!

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*Average Household item contains variety of products like Flours,Rice,Grains,Oils,Stationery,home care and other daily needs items required in general.

Disclaimer:-This is just an estimation actual savings depends on the items purchased.BazaarCart is not in any way liable or bound to this estimation.