Black Grapes Juice Recipe | Black Grapes Juice | How to Make Black Grapes Juice

Today we are going to teach you how to make Black Grapes Juice


A universal beverage. Needs 15 minutes to prepare and no cooking involved.
Total time taken: 15 minutes) | Can serve 2 person.

Ingredients: Measured in 250 ml cup

  • Black grapes: 500 gms
  • Black salt: 2 pinches
  • Lemon juice: 1teaspoon
  • Sugar or powdered jiggery: (optional / as required)
  • Water: (optional / as required)


  • Rinse the grapes well and drain the water.
  • Add the grapes to blender and blend to smooth using a juice strainer.
  • Check the juice for strength. If too strong, add some water.
  • If the juice is not sweet enough, add sugar or jiggery as required.
  • If needed add lemon juice and add ice cubes if needed.
  • While serving, garnish with mint leaves or grapes and add black salt.

And your Black Grapes Juice is Ready

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