Black Grapes Juice Recipe | Black Grapes Juice | How to Make Black Grapes Juice

Today we are going to teach you how to make Black Grapes Juice

Benefits of Black Grape Juice :-

 Description: A universal beverage. Needs 15 minutes to prepare and no cooking involved (total time taken: 15 minutes). Can serve 2 person.

Ingredients: Measured in 250 ml cup

Black grapes: 500 gms

Black salt: 2 pinches

Lemon juice: 1teaspoon

Sugar or powdered jiggery: (optional / as required)

Water: (optional / as required)


Rinse the grapes well and drain the water. Add the grapes to blender and blend to smooth using a juice strainer. Check the juice for strength. If too strong, add some water. If the juice is not sweet enough, add sugar or jiggery as required. If needed add lemon juice and add ice cubes if needed. While serving, garnish with mint leaves or grapes and add black salt.

And your Black Grapes Juice  is Ready

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