Posted by Abhishek Jindal

With the fall of winter, it certainly important to take care of the feet in order to ensure that it remains warm and crack free. Below are discussed some of the vital tips of personal care that will enable you to maintain of your feet in the best possible way during the winters.

1. Make sure to moisturize your feet daily using foot care creams

This is certainly one of the best possible ways to take care of the feet during the winters. It will be wise for you to moisturize your feet for about three to four times on a daily basis. You can use the natural moisturizers or foot care creams to efficiently keep your feet moist and healthy. The vital ingredients in foot care creams will help in healing up of cracks in your feet in an efficient way.

2. Make sure to wash your feet daily

This is also a vital tip that you must keep in mind in order to maintain your feet adequately. You should thoroughly wash your feet using a mild soap and water. Washing the feet in a proper way will prevent growth of fungi and various other skin related issues. You can also make a mixture of Epsom salt and warm water and thereby soak your feet in order to experience some form of relief and even get rid of skin infections.

3. Make sure to dry your feet and boots

This is also one of the major ways to keep your feet healthy during the winters. Before wearing your boots, it will be wise for you to ensure that your feet and even the boot have been dried up thoroughly. By drying up your feet and boots, you will be able to prevent skin infections due to the growth of bacteria and fungi.

4. Make sure to have lots of water

This is certainly one of the best possible ways to maintain the health of your feet. It is extremely necessary to have lots of water to ensure that the internal organs of your body are working in an adequate way. Proper functioning of the organs is highly important for proper care of your feet.

5. Ensure to wear socks made of cotton or wool

Wondering which will be the best socks to wear during the chilling winters? Then it will certainly be wise for you to get the socks that have been made of high quality cotton or wool. Since cotton or woolen socks have the capability to soak sweat, you will certainly be able to keep your feet dry. Excess moisture on your feet can be the vital reason behind growth of cracks.

6. Make sure to wear boots that are comfortable

While choosing a specific pair of boots, it will certainly be wise for you to ensure that those are not tight. Wearing tight boots will result in injury to tissues near the feet. Make a habit to buy a pair of boots that are comfortable to wear. These are some of the vital points that will help you in maintaining the health of your feet in a proper manner. You must always ensure to keep your feet clean in order to prevent various types of skin infections.