Posted by Abhishek Jindal

As the winters are about to knock the doors, you need to give extra care to your skin if you really want to banish the winter woes. Keeping the skin smooth in winters is really a major issue as the cold and damp air sucks the moisture from our body and makes it rough and dry! Here are some quick tips which you can use to keep your skin in winters. Take a look!

1. Moisturize: The moisturize formula which you use in summers for night is to be used for whole day in winter! This means all night long moisture is to be done in day time too. After taking bath in morning moisturize your skin and repeat this once during the day. Your skin will remain smooth and soft.

2. Less soap: In summers the skin absorbs lot of dust and dirt and therefore it is necessary to wash your skin occasionally. But in winters the pores of skin remain close and therefore they do not allow much of pollutants to enter your skin. Therefore it is advisable that wash your face before going to bed, moisturize it and next morning just splash water. There is no need to apply soap again in the morning. Soap creates dryness in skin which makes the skin dry!

3. Exfoliate: In winters we generally forget to exfoliate the skin due to which the dead cells are not removed. These dead cells stay at upper layer of the skin and block the moisturizer to enter the skin. Consequently skin is deprived of adequate moisture and looks dull and dry. So exfoliate it occasionally.

4. Water: One of the best but least used methods is drinking plenty of water! It is difficult to drink too much water in winters as your body doesn’t demand so much but actually our tissues absorb the water as per the natural process. But as we drink less amount of water the water from our skin is absorbed by the tissues which make the skin dry and dull. So to give enough moisture to your skin you should keep it hydrated.

5. Natural cream: The cream which is present on the upper layer of the milk is very good for your skin. It is natural and therefore is skin friendly. You can apply it on your skin and leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes then you can wash the area with simple water and dry your skin without rubbing with the help of towel. Do this daily at night and sleep with the moisturized skin. The next morning you when you will wake up you would feel the smooth and soft skin and this softness is much more than the softness provided by artificial moisturisers!

No wonder it is difficult to keep your skin smooth in winters but the fact is that if you would not pay attention then it will become dull and dry. You would lose all the charm and feel itchiness in your body. But with these simple tips you can keep it smooth and glowing in winters!