Posted by Shrenuj Jalan

Pulses are some of the best to include in your every day diet, simply because they have no chemical fillers. They are purely natural, consisting of the necessary nutrients that do not cause harmful side effects in your body. Unlike other processed foods, dals are produced taking into account health and environmental concerns. This is why there is a tremendous growth in usage of pulses over the past few years. With these foods, chemical fertilizers and pesticides have been kept far aside, making the products superior compared to other types.

In this article, we are going to inform you different kinds of pulses (dals), and why you need to consume them. We shall also discuss the health benefits associated to pulses, as well as selected types that will suit your routine diet. So, keep reading...

Types of Pulses

1. Chana Dal

Also referred to as Bengal Gram Dal, is naturally made and protein rich dal from 24 Mantra, commonly used in various Indian cuisines. It can be used in preparation of flavoured dishes, with a characteristic sweet taste, making it a suitable spice for your dish. Chana Dal has been used in making different foods, such as Maharashtrian, Besan Laddu, Ghevar, Khaman Dhokla, Fafda, and Jalebi. Buy Now

2. Kabuli Chana

This is a leguminous product, also referred to as white chickpea. It is commonly used in different Indian cuisines, with its rich fiber and protein content. It consists of essential nutrients such as zinc, making it a good additive in soups and salads. With its rich fiber and low fat contents, it is suitable for diabetic individuals. Also, its proteins are essential for weight trainers. Buy Now

3. Roasted Chana Dal

This protein rich dal is from 24 Mantra, which differentiates itself from the other chana dal because it is roasted. It has flavours suitable for different Indian cuisines, such as Maharashtrian among others. It is a selection for those who love roast-taste, which gives a distinct spicy taste to foods. Buy Now

4. Urad Dal Black Split and White Split

Urad is another dal from 24 Mantra, which is highly rich in natural proteins. It is suitable for any meal, any time, and especially for those looking for body muscle building through weight training. It gives a full complete diet, without chemical additives. It comes in two types; black split and white split, but at different prices. Buy Now

5. Mantra Kabuli Chana – 24 Letter

This is a pure natural product, which has been produced without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is rich in proteins and other natural nutrients that are not found in other processed foods. With its natural characteristic and certification, consumers are rest assured of healthy diet without unwelcoming side effects down the line. Buy Now

6. Green Moong Dal Split

This natural moong dal is fat free, commonly used in various Indian cuisines. With its high nutritional value, it is best for diabetic people due to high rich in fiber and protein. It is easily digested, consisting of simple carbohydrates. It can be used in preparation of Moong dal pulay, Moong dal parantha, and soups. Buy Now

7. Mantra Chitkabra Rajma

This is a pure natural dal, certified for US, Europeans, and Indian standards. It has been produced naturally, from the farms then brought directly to the kitchen without chemical processing. Since it has been produced in absence of pesticides, there is surety of no chemical traces in it. It has a natural taste and rich in proteins, making it a suitable dal for all. Buy Now


Benefits of Pulses (Dals)

1. Presence of Natural Antioxidant

Pulses have several nutrients, including antioxidants that enhance overall body health. Use of pesticides and fertilizers causes chemical changes in the natural structure of compounds such as vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in foods. These compounds are essential for the body in preventing some diseases. Therefore, natural pulses stand out as the best antioxidant rich foods.

2. Reduction of Harmful Chemicals

Pesticides contain organophosphorous chemical, which is not required in the human body. When such chemicals are used during crop production, traces are left coated on the crops, leading to direct intake of such compounds. ADHD and Autism are examples of developmental disorders caused by organophosphorous. Therefore, eating pulses can prevent such harmful chemicals from your body.

3. Enhancing Immune System

Genetically modified foods and chemically produced products are some of the causes of immune weakening in human bodies. Some disorders such as erectile dysfunction, allergies, and cancers are linked to chemically produced foods. However, natural foods such as pulses do increase the immune system, making your body able to heal on its own.

4. Suitable for Physical Trainers

Natural foods contain optimal levels of accepted nutrients, unlike the processed foods. The natural pulses contain high levels of proteins, fiber, and vitamins which help body achieve its health naturally. So, pulses can help you attain good results in a healthy manner.

5. Suitable for Diabetic Patients

For those suffering from diabetes, pulses can be their best source of healthy diet. These products contain fat free and sugar free ingredients, making them good for such patients. Fiber is also a suitable component contained in various pulses, which enhance overall digestive system.


Natural foods are purely produced using non-chemical fertilizers. Also, chemical pesticide control is not applied during production. This is a clear indication that no traces of chemicals are found in pulses. Therefore, consuming these products doesn’t subject your body to high health risks from harmful chemicals. Producers use manure, which not only benefit consumers’ health, but also protects the environment.

Other animals also need a safer environment, and use of chemical pesticides affects their well being negatively. Many animals, including insects such as bees have died due to direct poisoning from such chemicals. To ensure coexistence on earth, going natural in food production is the best way, because it enhances lives of people, as well as that of animals.