Posted by Abhishek Jindal

Pickles are prevalent almost all over the world in different forms. Pickles were invented before the arrival of refrigerator. They are just a preserved organic food which were invented to overcome the seasonal scarcity. Worldwide the ingredients alone differs and everyone are always crazy about having the pickle in their dishes. This was invented not only for its own taste but in order to not lose a nutrient factor of particular vegetable or fruit when it is not cultivated or grown in specific season. Preparation of the pickle varies from simply adding salt and up to adding more than ten spices

And in the world wide cuisines the pickles take part on different forms such as appetizers, side dishes or for garnishing purpose. Vegetables like cucumber, carrot, cabbages, tomatoes, onion and lemon, fruits like apple, pear, cherries, chickens, prawn and fishes are pickled and stored in jars.

Salted and Sun Dried

Pickles made in simple processes cutting the vegetables and salting it. For example lemon, This process helps to remove the moisture and to keep out of bacteria that decays the quality. It retains the nutritious value of lemon and helps to retain the ascorbic acid and citric quality in the lemon fruit. All kind of citric fruits can be processed as pickles in this method that can be stored and kept which retains its nutritious value for years. Mangoes are the seasonal fruit in India and mangoes sun dried with salt can be stored for years and it can be further added in the recipes wherever the un ripe mangoes used. It retains the Vitamin C in the mangoes. Generally vitamin C is destroyed during cooking. By this method this vitamin is retained. Fishes are pickled in this types

Adding Simple Ingredients and Jarred

Further simple process along with like adding vinegar or oil or chili powder are used to make pickles like cucumber, zucchini and lemon can be made. Pickles made in this method must be used within few days to get it nutritious value else the salt and oil stored for long time will show its adverse effect like high sodium and cholesterol.

Fermented Pickles with Spices

Further processed food must ferment the ingredient like sugar water helps food to retains its value. Kimchi is an example for this variety. Its added with number of spices for taste and fermented naturally hence produces a healthy bacteria called lactobacilli. It supplements vitamin A, B and C.

Generally the pickles can benefit by inducing the digestive system. Low BP can be treated with intake of pickles. It supplies vitamins and mineral salts in the vegetables. Spicing ingredients along with the ginger, garlic, pepper and turmeric etc. helps the additional health benefits of its own.