Posted by Abhishek Jindal

Every household has a bottle of vinegar in the kitchen shelf. It is a common item we see every day in passing but never care about much. Vinegar is an inexpensive item which is really useful when for cleaning purposes, for beauty, health, and for various purposes in and out of your home. This article intends to educate you on the different benefits and uses of vinegar so that you will know what look for when you need something to do these for you. Read on to discover the amazing uses of this simple item and utilize it properly.

How to use vinegar for cooking?

To preserve garlic you can peel it and put it in a jar filled with vinegar. And you can also use it to keep your ketchup for a little longer than usual. When the ketch starts to stick in the bottom of jar, pour a little vinegar into it and shake. This will loosen it up. To prevent cracking of eggs while boiling, you should add one or two spoons of distilled vinegar to the water used for boiling. You can also use this to remove onion odors from your hands by rubbing your hands with vinegar. These are some of the benefits of vinegar for cleaning purposes.

Use of Vinegar for Beauty purposes

To clean your dentures, there is no need of expensive denture cleaners. You can soak them in vinegar overnight and the next morning, brush away the remaining tartar. Drink apple cider vinegar for detoxifying your body. For soft skin, you can add half a cup of vinegar to your bath water. For soothing chapped skin you can use a mixture of water, olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Mixture of distilled vinegar and water in equal proportions will act as a toner. Spraying distilled vinegar will help to soothe sunburn and this inexpensive item can literally replace many of the expensive beauty care products that deplete our wallets.

How do my pets benefit from vinegar use?

Use of vinegar is not limited to needs. It can also help our pets in many ways. First of all, we can prevent our pets from getting electric shocks by rubbing apple cider vinegar onto electrical cords. You can prevent your dog from scratching its ears by wiping that portion with a cloth dipped in undiluted vinegar regularly. To clean the ears of your pet, you can use a cotton swab dipped in a mixture of vinegar and water in the ration 2:1. This mixture can also be used to soothe and relieve minor itches. But remember to avoid using vinegar in case of open lacerations.

Garden Use

Acidity of soil can be improved by adding distilled vinegar along with water while watering. Keeping your seeds in a mixture of apple cider vinegar and warm water will result in their speedy germination. To neutralize garden lime, you can use distilled vinegar in that area. And to get rid of rust from tools and other items like screws, you can soak them in undiluted vinegar for few days or overnight depending on the intensity of rusting.