Posted by Abhishek Jindal

Aluminum Foil is a product that is already part of millions of households worldwide, since its uses and benefits never ceases to amaze; it is perfect for storing food, but this is not the only use that can be given, its usefulness and benefits go beyond our imagination. In addition to storing fresh food or help cook better, aluminum foil could be very useful for other activities at home. For example, if you want to clean the iron because as usual it will mess or the flat side is dirty, then place a sheet of aluminum foil on the ironing board and pour salt. Just pass the iron over the paper so that it is spotless. But we see other benefits we can get with the use of aluminum foil.

• Does the brown sugar has hardened? If this is the problem, just wrap it in foil, take it to the oven for 5 minutes at 150 ° C and finally have sugar normal.

• If you want to keep the bread, cookies or other fresh bakery food well before eating, wrap in aluminum foil immediately after baking.

• Are your cutlery without luster? Line the bottom of a pan with foil; pour a little water and two tablespoons of salt. Soak your cutlery in this mixture for three minutes; allow drying and then wiping it with a cotton cloth.

• For cleaning and polishing jewelry, cover the bottom of a pan with foil and add a little liquid detergent. Dip the jewelry in this mixture and then wash and dry them.

• Do the job ironing clothes simple, cover the surface with a sheet of aluminum foil and then cover with a cloth. As a result, clothes can be ironed on both sides at once.

• To clean the iron, just rub a few times a sheet of aluminum foil.

• If you want to sharpen your scissors, simply fold in various parts of a sheet of aluminum foil and cut several times. Your scissors will be very sharp.

• Place pieces of foil in the potted plants to prevent damage by insects.

• Oil stains furnace are very difficult to remove. If you cover the oven with aluminum foil before using it, you'll avoid those pesky stains and save the time that you spent in cleaning.

• If your bathroom or laundry uses hand soap, wrap it in foil to keep it longer and prevent spillage.

• If you want leave your pots as new after use, make a ball of foil and rub it when washing.

But not everything goes up there, because the foil has healing properties that is a great benefit little known; Russians and Chinese have long used aluminum foil to relieve back pain, joint, and knee, neck or heel pain. The procedure is simple. Wrap the area with some aluminum foil and the pain will go away. The foil has the power to reflect biotechnology that pass through our bodies in biological hotspots and send them back to meridian, where they actually come. Another use of foil is in the treatment of post-surgical scars and gout. Apply a piece of aluminum foil over the scar; if you want to use as a treatment of gout wrap your thumb with a little aluminum foil and secure it with a bandage. This treatment should last 10 to 12 hours, according to the healers of Russia and China.