Posted by Abhishek Jindal

The Indian market is not the Western market of mass consumerism and debt based consumption. This might seem like an obvious thing to say. However, this important fact has determined how the market has adopted to the new trends seen in the western market.

In this context, it is not surprising that credit cards and online shopping was not easily adopted in the easy market. People were sceptical of a plastic as money and trusting their information over the unknown internet. Moreover, shopping is also an intensely personal experience in this culture. The experience is an important part of the process. This is slowly changing. However, the change in the online grocery shopping sector is not as fast. People are still hesitant about getting their food through the internet.

The following points highlights that shows how online grocery shopping is better in the Indian market.

  1. No Traffic Problem

The traffic in the Indian cities is notoriously bad. People could be stuck in it for hours even when they want to travel a few kilometer. Sometimes, the time spent in traffic is more than the time people spend shopping for groceries. This is unstainable and a big waste of time and thus online grocery shopping can help people save the time.

  1. Savings in Parking Cost

Anybody who has ever lived in any Indian city understand that finding parking especially for cars and jeeps is more difficult than buying a house. So, to get rid of this colossal hassle online grocery shopping can be the solution.

  1. Better Deals & offers

With online grocery shopping the shoppers can also visit a lot of stores and get the prices. Moreover, in this medium you can constantly be updated about the great deals and discounts on offer that you might miss if you go to the store once a week.

  1. Saving in time which can be used with family

This has been emphasized and illustrated in other points. It is always better to spend time with the family than in traffic, finding parking or on the isles of the store.

  1. No Need to Carry Heavy Bags

Online grocery shopping is not just an experience is it also a convenience. The customers will appreciate not having to carry all the heavy bags and walk. This way you get it delivered right to your fridge.

  1. No Need to Get in Billing Queues

The better the store is the busier it is. And the busier it is the longer the lines at the queue is bound to be. So, most people will naturally prefer exiting in 30 secs online rather than 30 mins at the store.

  1. Savings in Fuel Cost

As this article has pointed out the traffic in some Indian cities is really bad. Added to this India is largely a fuel importing country. So, the amount people spend on fuel might be greater than the money they spend on the food. Thus online grocery shopping solves this problem.

  1. No Useless purchase which are purchased when we are in the Supermarket

One of the main cost items in the bills are impulse purchases that the customer does not need or want. Online shopping is a great way to control impulse and save money.


With all these incentives of time, money and mental anguished saved, the volume and people opting for online grocery shopping is bound in increase. It’s the next natural evolution of the economy. For a business this means a necessity to diversify their products while for the consumer this implies an overall gain in options and prices.