Posted by Abhishek Jindal

For several decades it was believed that consuming oil food has its adverse effect on health by raising blood cholesterol level. But the researches and experiments conclude that the coconut oil has medium length fatty acid called MCT (Medium chain triglyceride) which is saturated fatty acid. And studies suggest that saturated fats are good fats increase the body metabolism and supplies energy to the body. The other long length fatty acids produces the unsaturated fatty acids which said to be clogged in the arteries. Most of the south pacific population grows and consumes the coconut oil and the people consuming coconut oil are stronger, healthier and long living.

Healthy components of coconut oil

Composition of coconut oil is lauric acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid and gallic acid. Which are all saturated fat, good fat and phenol supply which provide unique fragrance to oil. Coconut oil has nutrients such as vitamin E, vitamin K and iron. As the result saying the coconut oil has good fats it has the following health benefits:

Treats brain disorder

Brain disorders which occur due to the low metabolism in the body can be treated by means of the coconut oil. Coconut oil is used to treat the seizures which were experimentally concluded by treating several children in younger age. In several Ayurvedic treatments Coconut oil plays a vital role. It is applied over the body for mentally affected persons to induce their metabolic activity. Immediate effect of Alzheimer patient’s brain function noticed.


Coconut oil has anti-oxidant property and soothing nature which reduces the skin wrinkles caused due to the aging. It lubricates the skin and induces the hair growth and reduces the hair loss on regular use. It provides soft skin on regular intake. It reduces stress and induces the digestive system for digestion process.


Lauric acid in coconut oil helps to defend against the harmful virus and pathogens. It reduces the infection. Coconut oil possesses properties such as anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

Treats obesity

Coconut oil consumption as increases metabolism helps to reduce the weight. Intake of food made by coconut oil reduces the hunger and also supplies energy for those who follow diet to reduce extra pounds. Abdominal fat can be reduced by consuming coconut oil.

Dental health

Improves the dental health by killing bacteria in mouth and reduces bad breath by gargling coconut oil in mouth continuously for ten minutes

Fat coagulation

Coconut oil unlike other oils found to increase the blood coagulation. Hence it increases the good cholesterol in blood level and reduces the risk of heart attack