Posted by Abhishek Jindal

Heard of peanut butter, haven’t you? Every one love it and it is the most basic food staple that will be present in every kitchen. But did you know it has some benefits other than it tastes well in a sandwich. If you are one of those ignorant people read on and wonder why you didn’t figure it out before. After all, you grew up with this. When you started growing up, you may have given up this old friend because of your crazy diets. But let me assure you, you can pick it up again. This packs a lot of benefits health wise so that you don’t have to feel guilty when you enjoy a sandwich from now on.

Weight Loss

Really, it helps you to lose weight. It is not exactly a diet food as it brings upto 210 calories per serving into your body and due to this many of you will feel this point is not valid. But no, I am right. It also brings upto 2g of fiber and 8g of protein per serving and this will make your body feel as it is full for a long time thereby minimizing your overall intake of food. So this way, you lose weight while enjoying your favorite food.

Presence of Good fat

Fats are of two types. Good and bad. The good one is the monounsaturated fat and is good for your heart. Peanut butter is abundant in this good fat and thereby it keeps you healthy.

Nutrition Packed

Every serving of peanut butter has Vitamin E, magnesium which helps in bone building, potassium which helps body muscles, and Vitamin B6 which helps our immune system healthy. It helps to reduce our risks of chronic health conditions including and not limited to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. According to recent studies, intake of about 2 teaspoons of peanut butter every two days will reduce your risk of diabetes by about 30 percent.

Now that you have read about the benefits of Peanut Butter, we will look into some of the uses of peanut butter in our daily lives other than eating purposes. Surprising uses of peanut butter

You can use peanut butter as a substitute for shaving cream. It will act as a moisturizer and also will prevent your face from getting razor nicks. It can be put to use as leather cleaner. All you need to do is to dab a little peanut butter on a soft cloth and clean all your leather items. Another is to use it as an odor remover. If you want to remove the smell of cooking from your frying pan, just put a little amount of peanut butter into frying pan and fry it for some time. This will eliminate smell faster than those fancy air fresheners. It can also be used as gum remover and glue remover. Price sticker removal is also easy if you use peanut butter for the purpose. These are just some examples of how to use peanut butter. You can try and find other uses and please share it with others too.