• How To Keep Your Skin Smooth in Winters

    Posted by Abhishek Jindal

    As the winters are about to knock the doors, you need to give extra care to your skin if you really want to banish the winter woes. Keeping the skin smooth in winters is really a major issue as the cold and damp air sucks the moisture from our body and makes it rough and dry! Here are some quick tips which you can use to keep your skin in winters. Take a look!

    1. Moisturize: The moisturize formula which you use in summers for night is to be used for whole day in winter! This means all night long moisture is to be done in day time too. After taking bath in morning moisturize your skin and repeat this once during the day. Your skin will remain smooth and soft.

    2. Less soap: In summers the skin absorbs lot of dust and dirt and therefore it is necessary to wash your skin occasionally. But in winters the pores of skin remain close and therefore they do not allow much of pollutants to enter your skin. Therefore it is advisable that wash your face before going to bed, moisturize it and next morning just splash water. There is no need to apply soap again in the morning. Soap creates dryness in skin which makes the skin dry!

    3. Exfoliate: In winters we generally forget to exfoliate the skin due to which the dead cells are not removed. These dead cells stay at upper layer of the skin and block the moisturizer to enter the skin. Consequently skin is deprived of adequate moisture and looks dull and dry. So exfoliate it occasionally.

    4. Water: One of the best but least used methods is drinking plenty of water! It is difficult to drink too much water in winters as your body doesn’t demand so much but actually our tissues absorb the water as per the natural process. But as we drink less amount of water the water from our skin is absorbed by the tissues which make the skin dry and dull. So to give enough moisture to your skin you should keep it hydrated.

    5. Natural cream: The cream which is present on the upper layer of the milk is very good for your skin. It is natural and therefore is skin friendly. You can apply it on your skin and leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes then you can wash the area with simple water and dry your skin without rubbing with the help of towel. Do this daily at night and sleep with the moisturized skin. The next morning you when you will wake up you would feel the smooth and soft skin and this softness is much more than the softness provided by artificial moisturisers!

    No wonder it is difficult to keep your skin smooth in winters but the fact is that if you would not pay attention then it will become dull and dry. You would lose all the charm and feel itchiness in your body. But with these simple tips you can keep it smooth and glowing in winters!

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  • Different Types of Pulses (Dal) and Their Benefits

    Posted by Shrenuj Jalan

    Pulses are some of the best to include in your every day diet, simply because they have no chemical fillers. They are purely natural, consisting of the necessary nutrients that do not cause harmful side effects in your body. Unlike other processed foods, dals are produced taking into account health and environmental concerns. This is why there is a tremendous growth in usage of pulses over the past few years. With these foods, chemical fertilizers and pesticides have been kept far aside, making the products superior compared to other types.

    In this article, we are going to inform you different kinds of pulses (dals), and why you need to consume them. We shall also discuss the health benefits associated to pulses, as well as selected types that will suit your routine diet. So, keep reading...

    Types of Pulses

    1. Chana Dal

    Also referred to as Bengal Gram Dal, is naturally made and protein rich dal from 24 Mantra, commonly used in various Indian cuisines. It can be used in preparation of flavoured dishes, with a characteristic sweet taste, making it a suitable spice for your dish. Chana Dal has been used in making different foods, such as Maharashtrian, Besan Laddu, Ghevar, Khaman Dhokla, Fafda, and Jalebi. Buy Now

    2. Kabuli Chana

    This is a leguminous product, also referred to as white chickpea. It is commonly used in different Indian cuisines, with its rich fiber and protein content. It consists of essential nutrients such as zinc, making it a good additive in soups and salads. With its rich fiber and low fat contents, it is suitable for diabetic individuals. Also, its proteins are essential for weight trainers. Buy Now

    3. Roasted Chana Dal

    This protein rich dal is from 24 Mantra, which differentiates itself from the other chana dal because it is roasted. It has flavours suitable for different Indian cuisines, such as Maharashtrian among others. It is a selection for those who love roast-taste, which gives a distinct spicy taste to foods. Buy Now

    4. Urad Dal Black Split and White Split

    Urad is another dal from 24 Mantra, which is highly rich in natural proteins. It is suitable for any meal, any time, and especially for those looking for body muscle building through weight training. It gives a full complete diet, without chemical additives. It comes in two types; black split and white split, but at different prices. Buy Now

    5. Mantra Kabuli Chana – 24 Letter

    This is a pure natural product, which has been produced without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is rich in proteins and other natural nutrients that are not found in other processed foods. With its natural characteristic and certification, consumers are rest assured of healthy diet without unwelcoming side effects down the line. Buy Now

    6. Green Moong Dal Split

    This natural moong dal is fat free, commonly used in various Indian cuisines. With its high nutritional value, it is best for diabetic people due to high rich in fiber and protein. It is easily digested, consisting of simple carbohydrates. It can be used in preparation of Moong dal pulay, Moong dal parantha, and soups. Buy Now

    7. Mantra Chitkabra Rajma

    This is a pure natural dal, certified for US, Europeans, and Indian standards. It has been produced naturally, from the farms then brought directly to the kitchen without chemical processing. Since it has been produced in absence of pesticides, there is surety of no chemical traces in it. It has a natural taste and rich in proteins, making it a suitable dal for all. Buy Now


    Benefits of Pulses (Dals)

    1. Presence of Natural Antioxidant

    Pulses have several nutrients, including antioxidants that enhance overall body health. Use of pesticides and fertilizers causes chemical changes in the natural structure of compounds such as vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in foods. These compounds are essential for the body in preventing some diseases. Therefore, natural pulses stand out as the best antioxidant rich foods.

    2. Reduction of Harmful Chemicals

    Pesticides contain organophosphorous chemical, which is not required in the human body. When such chemicals are used during crop production, traces are left coated on the crops, leading to direct intake of such compounds. ADHD and Autism are examples of developmental disorders caused by organophosphorous. Therefore, eating pulses can prevent such harmful chemicals from your body.

    3. Enhancing Immune System

    Genetically modified foods and chemically produced products are some of the causes of immune weakening in human bodies. Some disorders such as erectile dysfunction, allergies, and cancers are linked to chemically produced foods. However, natural foods such as pulses do increase the immune system, making your body able to heal on its own.

    4. Suitable for Physical Trainers

    Natural foods contain optimal levels of accepted nutrients, unlike the processed foods. The natural pulses contain high levels of proteins, fiber, and vitamins which help body achieve its health naturally. So, pulses can help you attain good results in a healthy manner.

    5. Suitable for Diabetic Patients

    For those suffering from diabetes, pulses can be their best source of healthy diet. These products contain fat free and sugar free ingredients, making them good for such patients. Fiber is also a suitable component contained in various pulses, which enhance overall digestive system.


    Natural foods are purely produced using non-chemical fertilizers. Also, chemical pesticide control is not applied during production. This is a clear indication that no traces of chemicals are found in pulses. Therefore, consuming these products doesn’t subject your body to high health risks from harmful chemicals. Producers use manure, which not only benefit consumers’ health, but also protects the environment.

    Other animals also need a safer environment, and use of chemical pesticides affects their well being negatively. Many animals, including insects such as bees have died due to direct poisoning from such chemicals. To ensure coexistence on earth, going natural in food production is the best way, because it enhances lives of people, as well as that of animals.

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  • Some benefits of Cashews and Raisins

    Posted by Shrenuj Jalan

    Everyone loves cashews and raisins. We put it in all our delicious and festival meals and also snatch from the kitchen occasionally. It may be a tad costly than the other items in our kitchen, but it is tasty and it also provides a lot of health benefits. Read on to discover them so that next time your mother kicks you out of kitchen for stealing them, you will have a legitimate excuse to offer. It really works.

    Benefits of Cashews

    It prevents cancer. These days, cancers are as common as common cold. So preventive measures must be taken and what better than cashew nuts which is tasty and healthy. The proanthocyanidins present in cashews will fight against the cancer cells and prevents you from developing cancer especially in colon.

    Cashew nuts are good for your heart too. It contains less fat when compared to other nuts and also contains oleic acid which is good for your heart. It is free from cholesterol and the antioxidants present in it will keep heart diseases away. Magnesium present in cashews will help to lower your blood pressure.

    If you have ever dreamed of having that thick black hair, you can get it by having cashews every day. Copper gives the black color for your hair and cashews are full of copper. Daily intake of these nuts will prevent you from contracting gallstones. Cashew nuts have good cholesterol and those who eat cashews at least twice a week is likely to gain less weight when compared to those who don’t eat them weekly.

    It is high on vitamins and will keep you safe from conditions like anemia. Vitamins like pantothenic acid, niacin and thiamin are present in cashews. It also has the ability to protect our bodies form macular degeneration.

    Health Benefits of Raisin

    Daily consumption of raisins will help in your digestion process. It also gives relief from constipation.  For regular bowel movement and wastage disposal, try taking a few raisins every day.

    If you are anemic or prone to anemia, raisins is a must have. Raisins have iron and B-complex vitamins. These help in treatment of anemia. Red blood cell production is greatly improved by copper and this is present in raisins in abundance.

    Raisins contain an antioxidant called cateching and this helps in body’s fight against the free radicals. These free radicals are responsible for tumors and cancers. Potassium and magnesium present in raisins will help in toxin removal and in preventing conditions like arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, gout and kidney stones.

    Anti inflammatory antioxidants are also present in raisins. They possess and exhibit anti bacterial tendencies which will lower fever and kill the bacteria responsible for it. Have a few raisins daily for preventing common diseases.  The polyphenolic phytonutrients found in raisins will keep your eyesight healthy. It fights against the free radicals responsible for weakening vision and muscular degeneration. A-Carotenoid, beta carotene and vitamin A is also present in raisins and is helpful for maintaining healthy eyesight.

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  • Ѕtауіng Frеsh Wіth Аіr Frеshеnеrs

    Posted by Abhishek Jindal

    Wіth реорlе соmіng аnd gоіng, mаnу hоmеs аnd рlасеs оf busіnеss hаvе trоublе kееріng thе аіr frеsh. Ѕtаlе аіr оr fоul оdоrs саn nоt оnlу bе а turn оff tо thе nоsе but саn асtuаllу dіsсоurаgе реорlе frоm gаthеrіng аnd lеаd tо lеss рrоduсtіvіtу. Whіlе rоutіnе сlеаnіng саn gо а lоng wау іn mіnіmіzіng реrsіstеnt оdоrs, thе оnlу wау tо rеаllу hеlр mаіntаіn а frеsh, сlеаn sсеnt іn thе аіr іs tо rеlу оn аіr frеshеnеrs.


    Аn оdоr соntrоl frеshеnеr іs dеsіgnеd tо rеlеаsе а sсеnt іntо thе аіr, hеlріng tо рrоmоtе а bеttеr оdоr thrоughоut а sрасе. Маnу реорlе usе аіr frеshеnеrs іn thеіr hоmеs, аnd busіnеssеs lіkе suсh рrоduсts thrоughоut thе wоrk рlасе, еsресіаllу іn bаthrооms. Whіlе mаkіng thе dесіsіоn tо usе аn аіr frеshеnеr mау bе fаіrlу еаsу соnsіdеrіng thе оbvіоus bеnеfіts, thеrе аrе а fеw dіstіnсtіоns tо kеер іn mіnd whеn sеlесtіng thе оnе thаt іs rіght fоr аnу gіvеn sрасе.


    Оvеrаll, thеrе аrе thrее mајоr tуреs оf оdоr соntrоl frеshеnеrs. Тhе fіrst іs а sіnglе usе аіr sрrау frеshеnеr. Тhеsе соmе іn mаnу fоrms, suсh аs аn аttrасtіvе саndlе оr оthеr sіmрlе dеvісе. Оnсе ореnеd оr асtіvаtеd, thіs tуре оf оdоr соntrоl frеshеnеr rеlеаsеs іts sсеnt іntо thе аіr. Оvеr tіmе, thе sсеnt rеlеаsе mесhаnіsm еvароrаtеs, аnd іt іs nесеssаrу tо rерlасе thе оdоr соntrоl frеshеnеr. Тhеsе оdоr соntrоl frеshеnеrs аrе оftеn соst еffесtіvе орtіоns, rеquіrіng lіttlе mаіntеnаnсе. Ноwеvеr, оnсе thеу аrе fіnіshеd, іt іs nесеssаrу tо buу а nеw оnе іn оrdеr tо mаіntаіn а frеsh sсеnt.


    Νехt, sоmе реорlе аnd соmраnіеs рrеfеr rеusаblе аіr frеshеnеrs. Тhіs tуре оf оdоr соntrоl frеshеnеr hаs а sсеnt-rеlеаsе mесhаnіsm thаt wоrks wіth а fіltеr. Тhіs fіltеr саn bе іnsеrtеd іntо thе оdоr соntrоl frеshеnеr, рrоvіdіng а рlеаsаnt аrоmа thrоughоut thе sрасе. Whеn thе fіltеr іs usеd uр, іt саn sіmрlу bе rеmоvеd аnd rерlасеd wіth аnоthеr. Тhе rеfіllаblе dеvісе іs оftеn mоrе ехреnsіvе, but thе fіltеrs саn оftеn bе bоught аt сhеареr рrісеs, mаkіng іt аn еffесtіvе lоng tеrm сhоісе. Ѕоmе оf thеsе sрrау frеshеnеrs аrе stаndаlоnе dеvісеs, whіlе оthеrs mау bе рluggеd іntо wаll оutlеts іn оrdеr tо рrоvіdе а соntrоllеd rеlеаsе оf sсеnt.


    Тhе lаst mајоr орtіоn іn оdоr соntrоl frеshеnеrs іs аn аіr sрrауs. А frеshеnеr sрrау іs а sіmрlе аеrоsоl, whісh саn bе usеd аs nееdеd. Аn аіr frеshеnеr іs оftеn thе рrеfеrrеd сhоісе fоr sроrаdіс оdоr соntrоl nееds sіnсе suсh а dіrесtеd sрrау оf frеshnеss саn соmbаt а раrtісulаrlу nоtісеаblе smеll рrоblеm. А frеshеnеr sрrау mау nоt bе thе іdеаl сhоісе fоr соnsіstеnt sсеnt dіsреrsаl sіnсе іt rеquіrеs mаnuаl аррlісаtіоn еvеrу tіmе.

    Сlеаrlу, wіth sо mаnу орtіоns, іt іs роssіblе fоr аnу hоusеhоld оr busіnеss tо fіnd аn аіr frеshеnеr tо bеst соntrоl оdоr рrоblеms. Еасh орtіоn соmеs wіth іts оwn соsts аnd bеnеfіts, sо іt іs іmроrtаnt tо соnsіdеr thе оvеrаll nееd аnd sеlесt thе оnе thаt bеst fіts thе соntехt. Wіth аnу орtіоn, іt іs оbvіоus thаt а sрrау frеshеnеr саn рrоvіdе thе ехtrа nееdеd bооst tо mаkе а sрасе іnvіtіng аnd соmfоrtаblе fоr еvеrуоnе.
    Imagine Guests Coming over to your home for a dinner or A special Romantic Dinner Date with Wife on Home but the aroma required for the perfect mood is missing here comes the role of Freshners- 2 Seconds and the perfect mood is on No more Foul odors coming from Kitchen,Washrooms or from Neighbourhood

    Air Fresheners are must in Toilets & Cars.We generally eat many thing in car,smoking,Pan masala,food, leather Seats,mud ,Dust or any old lunch box in the back, there are many reasons which can make a car smell foul and imagine Chirpy Morning all Charged up for Going to office but as soon as you open the gate Foul Smell- Mood Spoiler or Imagine a plan of Going on a long Drive with your Spouse and the special Feelings can only be expressed with perfect mood and for perfect mood you required perfect air freshner

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  • What are the Health Benefits of Oats?

    Posted by Abhishek Jindal

    One of the healthiest food in the world is oats. It is scientifically known as Avena sativa. It is a species of cereal grain. Oat is consumed in the form of oatmeal or rolled oats. It is grown in the regions with summer low temperature. It doesn’t require much fertile soil. It is an annual type of plant. Russia, Canada, and Poland are the leading producers of oats. It is famous for breakfast cereals. It can be consumed by any age of people.

    What is the nutrition value of oats?

    • Soluble fiber: it contains high soluble fiber, which is much more compared to other cereals. For this reason, it is digested slowly, than other foods. Thus, a person feels less hungry for a long time.
    • Fat: oats is one of the cereals with the highest lipid content. The lipid is mainly in the form of glycolipid and phospholipid. It also contains globulin proteins. Oats is good replacement for egg and meat for vegetarians.
    • Minerals: it contains magnesium, zinc, manganese, selenium and phosphorous.

    Other than these primary constituents it also contains carotenoids, vitamin E, polyphenols, flavonoids and many more. Approximately 80gm of dry oats can produce 307 calories.

    Health benefits of oats:

    • Controls cholesterol: oats are enriched with dietary fibers, this helps in preventing the formation of bad cholesterol in your body. Thus, if you are suffering from cholesterol related problem, oatmeal can help you in recovering naturally.
    • Controls blood pressure: high blood pressure is a problem of many old aged people. Maybe you have also given up any foods to control blood pressure. Oatmeal is very good for the heart. It can lower the possibility of any cardiovascular problem. Thus, you must take it regularly, to control blood pressure.
    • Supplies antioxidants to the body: oats have avenanthramide antioxidants. These emit free radicals, which works on High-density In this way, it kills harmful HDL and enhances the cardiovascular system.
    • Controls blood sugar level: oats contain beta-glucan. This increases the reactivity of insulin. Insulin, on the other hand, controls the blood sugar level in your body. There are many researchers carried out, where persons have oatmeal every day showed lower blood sugar level, compared to others. You can obviously imagine how good it is for a diabetic
    • Checks weight gain: many people who are on a diet know the importance of oats for losing weight. The fibers of oats are digested for a long time. Thus, you will have less appetite for food, for a long time, after having oatmeal. Simply, you eat less and gain no weight.
    • Boosts immunity system: the beta-glucan present in oats, improves body immunity against bacterial infection. Thus the huge number of diseases caused by different types of bacteria, are all eliminated. It is also believed that oats reduce asthma risks in children.
    • Reduces the risk of breast cancer: believe it or not, women who consume oats on a daily basis have much lower risk of developing breast cancer. The fiber in oats is the main cause for doing this miracle.

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